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Migration Services

As professional Registered Migration Agents , we provide the complete range of :

  • Migration services for people wishing to migrate to Australia, NZ, the USA and Canada
  • Education services for placement of overseas students to Australian, NZ, US & Canadian schools, colleges and institutions.

We offer an extensive service to assist Migrants of all categories not only with their visa applications but with their migration and settlement needs.

We are available to sort out any problems or answer queries in relation to your application, such as :

  • Why Australia? USA? NZ? Canada?
  • What category of visa application will ensure the best chance of a successful application ?
  • What information should I put in my Visa application to ensure the best chance of success ?
  • What help does the Government give in setting up businesses ?
  • How does the school system work for my children ?

Other Migration services offered include :

  • Preliminary Assessment of your visa eligibility
  • Checking of all Personal, Business and Professional documentation
  • Provision of Embassy Document schedules detailing evidence requirements
  • Provision of Departmental application forms
  • Assessment of company or personal family sponsorships
  • Preparation of application forms and evidence
  • Trade & Professional qualification assessment assistance
  • Certification of document copies
  • Translation of document copies
  • Preparation for medical examination documents and appointments
  • Arrangements for English Examinations
  • Full preparation and lodgment of final application documents
  • Liaison with department of Immigration during processing stages
  • Visa renewals
  • Citizenship assistance
  • Review and appeal matters