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Australian Visas

There are several kinds of visas available for living, working or studying in Australia :

Permanent Residence:

There are 37 classes of permanent resident visas, of which there are 68 sub- classes. The grant of the visa enables the applicant to remain indefinitely in Australia with various conditions enabling overseas travel within the validity period of the visa.

Temporary Residence:

In addition there are 29 classes of temporary visas comprising 52 sub-classes. These visas are granted to applicants who require residence or visitor rights for specified periods. They do not entitle the holder to remain in Australia indefinitely, however some temporary entry visas enable a further application to be made for permanent residence in Australia. The majority of these visas also enable overseas travel throughout the validity period of the visa, but unlike Permanent Residents, Temporary Residents are not eligible for benefits such as free medical, hospital and social security. You will need to provide private hospital and medical insurance for yourself. Temporary Residents will need to pay the overseas rate for their educational needs.

Protection visa:

There is 1 class of protection visa comprising 2 sub-classes.

Bridging Visa:

There are 5 classes of bridging visa comprising 7 sub-classes.

Additional Information:

Review of all categories is available in our links page by clicking on the link to the Department of Immigration.



Business Skills Migrant (Class AD)
127 (Business Owner)
128 (Senior Executive)
129 (State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner)
130 (State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive)
131 (Investment Linked)
Business Skills (Residence) (Class BH)
840 (Business Owner)
841 (Senior Executive)
842 (State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner)
843 (State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive)
844 (Investment Linked)
845 (Established Business in Australia)
846 (State/Territory Sponsored Regional Established Business in Australia)
Distinguished Talent (Migrant) (Class AL)
124 (Distinguished Talent)
Distinguished Talent (Residence) (Class BX)
858 (Distinguished Talent)
Employer Nomination (Migrant) (Class AN)
119 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)
121 (Employer Nomination Scheme)
Employer Nomination (Residence) (Class BW)
856 (Employer Nomination Scheme)
857 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)
Skill Matching (Migrant) (Class BR)
134 (Skill Matching)
Skilled - Australian Linked (Migrant) (Class AJ)
138 (Skilled - Australian-sponsored)
139 (Skilled - Regional-sponsored)
Skilled - Independent (Migrant) (Class BN)
136 (Skilled - Independent)
137 (Skilled - State/Territory-nominated Independent)


Spouse,  Child  &  Parent:

Child (Migrant) (Class AH)
101 (Child)
102 (Adoption)
117 (Orphan Relative)
Child (Residence) (Class BT)
802 (Child)
837 (Orphan Relative)
Other Family (Migrant) (Class BO)
114 (Aged Dependent Relative)
115 (Remaining Relative)
Other Family (Residence) (Class BU)
835 (Remaining Relative)
838 (Aged Dependent Relative)
Parent (Migrant) (Class AX)
103 (Parent)
Aged Parent (Residence) (Class BP)
804 (Aged Parent)
Partner (Residence) (Class BS)
801 (Spouse)
Partner (Migrant) (Class BC)
100 (Spouse)


 Business,  Education,  Spouse,  FiancÚ,  Visitor :

Cultural/Social (Temporary) (Class TE)
411 (Exchange)
416 (Special Program)
420 (Entertainment)
421 (Sport)
423 (Media and Film Staff)
424 (Public Lecturer)
428 (Religious Worker)
Educational (Temporary) (Class TH)
418 (Educational)
419 (Visiting Academic)
442 (Occupational Trainee)
Long Stay (Visitor) (Class TN)
686 (Tourist (Long Stay))
Short Stay Sponsored (Visitor) (Class UL)
459 (Sponsored Business Visitor (Short Stay))
679 (Sponsored Family Visitor (Short Stay))
Short Stay (Visitor) (Class TR)
676 (Tourist (Short Stay))
Partner (Temporary) (Class UK)
820 (Spouse)
Prospective Marriage (Temporary) (Class TO)
300 (Prospective Marriage)
Resident Return (Temporary) (Class TP)
159 (Provisional Resident Return)
Retirement (Temporary) (Class TQ)
410 (Retirement)
Student (Temporary) (Class TU)
560 (Student)
Supported Dependant (Temporary) (Class TW)
430 (Supported Dependant)
Temporary Business Entry (Class UC)
456 (Business (Short Stay))
457 (Business (Long Stay))

In the next few pages we are giving you a little more information about the most common visa's , if any of the visa catagories you interested in is not included in the next few pages please email us and we gladly will provide you with the information you require,  please click "next page"