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Australian Visas [cont'd]

  • 137 State Territory Nominated Independent

If you either pass the points test or pool mark for the 136 visa, you may have your data placed in the "Skill Matching" database for possible nomination by a State or Territory Government or employer within 2 years of lodgment
There is no extra charge for this option if you have already paid to have a 136 application lodged.
Applicants must be less than 45 years of age.

  • 138 Skilled-Australian Sponsored

This category has the same criteria as the 136 Independent, but with the advantage of receiving additional points under the points test if you have a relative in Australia who is willing to sponsor you.
The sponsor can be either a :

  • A parent
  • A non-dependent child
  • A brother or sister, or
  • A niece or nephew
  • An uncle or aunt

In addition to having a sponsor, you must also have an "Assurance of support" from either your sponsor or another person who meets the "Assurer income test".
Applicants must be less than 45 years of age.


  • 139 Skilled-Regional Sponsored

      This category is similar to the 138 (above), but with the additional requirement that your sponsor must currently live in a "Regional" area of Australia. These are most areas, with the exception of :

      • N.S.W - Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong
      • Western Australia - Perth
      • Queensland - Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts

      In addition to the 138 visa, relatives who may sponsor you under this category includes the following :

      • A first cousin
      • A grand parents

      There is no points test for this category, but you or your spouse must still satisfy the basic requirements of Age, English, Qualifications, Nominated occupation and Recent work experience, with certain exceptions.
      Applicants must be less than 45 years of age.