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Australian Visas [cont'd]

Established Business in Australia: Class 845

This is an application by a person who has had at least a 10% ownership interest in a business in Australia for at least 18 months and

  1. Managed the business for the 12 months immediately before lodging the application,
  2. Remained in Australia for 9 months in the 12 months immediately before lodging the application,
  3. Has net personal assets of at least $250,000 situated in Australia.
  4. The net assets owned in the business in Australia must be at least $100,000,
  5. The turnover of the business in Australia in the 12 months before the application is lodged must be $200,000 or $100,000 in exports,
  6. The Australian business must employ the equivalent of at least 3 Australians for the 12 months before the application is lodged. and
  7. The applicant must pass a Points Test.

Applicants must be prepared to provide solid business documentation to prove they meet all the requirements. The application can only be lodged in Australia.

Temporary Stay in Australia

Tourist: This is either for a stay of less than 3 months or for more than 3 months. Your purpose must be as a tourist or to visit family in Australia but you cannot work in Australia.

Business Visitor: This Category is for any one who is going to Australia, temporarily to do business. This includes having business meetings, seminars, any item which is related to business. Again because of the importance of business visitors this is a class which constantly changes.

Independent Executive: This category is for persons who wish to come to Australia to establish a new business in Australia. You must show that you are acting independently and not as an agent or organization, have a successful business record and produce a written business proposal of the business that they intend to establish. The assets you must transfer are at least $200,000 and you must show proof that the intended new business will provide Australia with substantial trade and economic benefits.

Executive: You must have been appointed to a senior position in a company which operates in Australia or have been appointed by an overseas company to open a branch of that company in Australia and be a bona fide (genuine) temporary worker. You are usually granted a visa for a period of a maximum of 4 years except where a new branch is to be established and then in those circumstances normally the stay of only 2 years permitted. Extensions are possible provided certain rules are met. There is no limit to the number extensions or the total period of stay for senior executives.