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USA Visa Lottery [cont'd]

5. How many applications am I permitted to submit ?

Each individual is limited to ONE APPLICATION. If more than one application is received by the U.S. Government, the applicant will be totally disqualified. However, a married applicant and his/her spouse may submit two separate applications including the spouse and all children on both application forms. This will double chances of each family member to be selected for a permanent residence visa.

6. Can I claim to be native of a country other than my         country of birth ?

A native is both someone born within one of the qualifying countries and someone entitled to be “charged to” to such country under Section 202(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act: Thus someone may be (1) charged to the country of birth of his/her spouse; (2) a minor dependent child can be charged to the country of birth of a parent; and (3) an applicant born in a country which neither parent was a native; may be charged to the country of birth of either parent.

7. Applicants who are in the U.S.A.:

An individual who is in the U.S. need NOT be in lawful visa status to compete. However, the Department of State has indicated that it will share information with the Immigration and Naturalization Service for the formulation, amendment, administration and enforcement of the country‘s immigration laws. Furthermore a person out of status may be subject to the new three and ten year bars on admission of the 1996 immigration law and unable to take advantage of winning the lottery. Because the laws on this subject are highly complex, it is recommended that out of status persons contact an immigration Consultant to determine their status and an appropriate strategy.

8. When should I submit my application form ?

You may enroll at any time until (to be adviced)

Early application is recommended to avoid delays in postal transit and have all formal criteria approved as quick as possible. There is however no first-come first-serve policy in the registration process.

9. Registration Service fee for DV-2002 :

Our fee for handling your application   (One application may include spouse and all children): US$ 125.00

Payment options are: Check / international or postal money order made payable to Stargate Immigration Service (attach to application). Do not send cash or foreign currency!

10. How to register:

- Please fill in the application form for DV-2002, use English language and alphabet only.
- Fill in all fields applicable and leave fields not applicable blank.
- Sign form.
- Attach a passport size photograph of the applicant with his / her name on the back. Please DO NOT STAPLE !

DO NOT INCLUDE ANY ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION ! Proof of eligibility MUST NOT be submitted with the application form but be presented to the U.S. consular service if your name has been selected for a DV immigrant visa.

Mail (DO NOT FAX !) your application and payment to the address below.